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CEO of Bupa Arabia expresses his optimistic outlook towards supporting the insurance sector through 2030 Vision

Al Riyadh, 30 April 2017:  Bupa Arabia for Cooperative insurance participated in the Saudi Insurance symposium in its fourth edition. The event was organized by the General Insurance Committee at the King Fahad cultural center in Riyadh under the patronage of Dr. Ahmed Abdulkarim Alkholifey, Governor of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, and a number of local and international experts in the insurance sector.

Tal Nazer, Chief Executive Officer at Bupa Arabia, stated that: “We are very optimistic towards the support that the insurance sector will be getting from the Kingdom’s 2030 vision. The vision sees the insurance sector as a catalyst for many sectors that diversify the sources of national income, therefore driving the Saudi economy forward & creating more promising career opportunities for the sons and daughters of our beloved country.”


“The insurance sector has seen enormous growth in the past 15 years through the development of organized committees & regulations. There has also been an increase in awareness on the role of insurance companies & the plethora of services & products they provide for the community,” Tal concluded.


Tal Nazer’s participation in the fourth Saudi Insurance Symposium with the attendance of Ali Sheneamer, Chief Commercial Officer of Bupa Arabia, emphasizes the distinguished efforts that Bupa Arabia provides to the insurance sector in cooperation with several private & governmental entities. These efforts to elevate health insurance in the Kingdom come hand in hand with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision to ensure the best healthcare is provided from all members of the community.  


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