Exclusive to Bupa Arabia members, and for the first time in the Kingdom, Bupa Parents allows our members to independently insure their parents directly from our website/Bupa App. Offer your parents the same peace of mind and security you enjoy with Bupa Arabia and insure them with health coverage that is tailored to fit their needs.
A quick look at the benefits:
  • Coverage of chronic diseases.
  • Access to the best hospitals and clinics across the kingdom.
  • Specialized care inside and outside hospitals with our Tebtom and Rahatkom programs.
* Please review our list of exclusions.
Who can get Bupa Parents?

Bupa Arabia members who are Saudi or children of Saudi mothers can apply for their parents. One parent can be insured only if divorced or widowed.

Both parents must meet the following conditions:

  • Are 40 years old or above
  • Have no active health insurance

SAMA product ID for Bupa Parents:A-BUPA-2-I-18-008