Equal, Inclusive & Diverse Working Environment

At Bupa Arabia, diversity and inclusion are essential. We recognize that diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds enrich our workplace culture and enable us to serve our customers and communities better. That's why we've developed a comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion framework consisting of three interconnected pillars.

Our first pillar is an Inclusive Culture, where everyone feels a sense of belonging and can bring their authentic selves to work. This starts with raising awareness and understanding around the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We listen to our people and strive to understand their pain points better, so we can create a culture of inclusivity that supports their growth and development. For example, our 600 Connect venue provides on a yearly basis virtual gatherings where our female employees can connect and engage in competitions based on their interests, promoting substantial networking opportunities.

Our second pillar is Inclusive Leadership. Our leaders lead by example, role modeling inclusive leadership and building diverse teams that create psychologically safe environments for our people to develop and grow. Our key objective here is to improve the gender balance across the organization, leadership teams, as well as in our succession pools and talent program. We aim to achieve 34% overall female representation and 15% across leadership positions by the end of 2021. As of 2022, we have achieved 36% general female representation and 18% female across the Senior Management team. Additionally, females' "E-sat" Engagement score is 86% (which is up by 5% from LY) and 90% for Belonging among our female employees.


Finally, our third pillar is Diverse Practices, where we strive to ensure that our policies and practices are fair, transparent, and bias-free. We have announced four empowering policies designed to empower females, which have helped us to boost our brand reputation for being an employer of choice. By identifying opportunities for improvement, we can create policies that reflect the diverse communities we serve.

Cultural Diversity

At Bupa Arabia, we're committed to maintaining our diverse workforce's essence, and we work all year round to ensure that our diverse team feels included, valued, and supported. As a result, we proudly have 38 different nationalities, all operating under Bupa Arabia while maintaining our commitment to our regulator's restrictions regarding Saudization representation. This has been achieved with great pride and without compromising our customer commitment.


Gender Pay Gap: We don't have different pay scales by gender, and we will continue having one pay scale serving both genders. Bupa Arabia is 100% compliant with the "No Gender Pay Gap" philosophy. We're proud of our progress and remain committed to creating a workplace culture that champions diversity and inclusivity, enabling us to serve our customers and communities better.


Engaging Culture:

We always believe that one of the important drivers of the company’s business performance is having an inclusive and engaging culture where people are empowered, motivated, valued and engaged.

Our employee engagement framework is divided into these three main steps: Listen, Understand and Act
First, we LISTEN to our employees by giving them the opportunity from different demographics to share their opinion. This is done through launching “our People Pulse Survey” twice a year through the Glint Platform. Our first pulse survey was launched last 2018 and it was measuring the 13 different engagement drivers:


Second, we UNDERSTAND what our employees want and need through analyzing the data received and understanding the trends that have both positive and negative impact on employee’s journey. This is also complimented by connecting other HR metrics to have a full view on employee engagement such as turnover. We develop multiple reports to debrief the overall business and each department separately in partnership with the business leaders.

Third we ACT by aligning resources and acting on the initiatives and projects that will have the highest impact on the organization through 4 different initiatives:

  • Organization wide initiatives: which are one size fits all initiatives that is inclusive of everyone working in Bupa Arabia and it helps us ensure fair treatment across different departments and geographies.
  • Department specific initiatives: those are developed by the business leaders and their teams to tackle the top 3 department specific challenges.
  • Regional specific initiatives: different geographies inquire different needs, what works for the eastern province doesn’t necessarily work for the western province. So those initiatives are dedicated to geographies of different needs.
  • Enabling our People Managers initiatives: as we are big believers that engagement is majorly impacted either positively or negatively by people managers, we proactively initiate projects to support our leaders with low/ inconsistent engagement scores.


People Development

As a leading healthcare provider in the kingdom, we recognize that our success is driven by the abilities and skills of our employees, which is why we invest in their development. Through "Develop our Talent" program, we prioritize identifying, nurturing, and empowering talented individuals, focusing on enhancing their skills and future capabilities. Our program provides employees with a holistic approach to learning and growth. We offer a range of development opportunities, from classroom training and job shadowing to mentorship and coaching. Leadership Program In collaboration with leading institutions, universities, and business schools, we co-design our leadership development programs, ensuring participants experience blended learning and connection across all leadership levels. Since 2021, we launched three Leadership Development Programs specifically designed to create a connection between Junior Management, Middle Management, and Senior Leadership. Each program utilizes the 70/20/10 development framework, providing practical skills and knowledge needed to accelerate readiness to take on senior roles and advance strategic thinking, the three programs are.
  • Emerging Leaders this program aims to accelerate the capability development of early-career talents and provide leadership awareness. influencing communication and cross-functional knowledge. Targeted over 200 high-potential early-career talents and designed the program to enhance their leadership capabilities.
  • Accelerator program Equips high-potential middle management with the practical skills to build a high-performing team and execute strategy. The program is in partnership with Cornell University and Emeritus Executive Education to provide a 6-month modular experience.
  • "Shift" Executive Leadership Program sharpens senior management's skills to promote cross-functional collaboration evolve from functional to organizational leaders accelerate strategy development and financial performance in a +6-month modular experience. focuses on culture building, talent development, and a risk mitigation mindset.

People Manager Training Our People Manager Training covers various topics, from communication and team building to performance management and leadership for our newly promoted managers. These courses teach managers how to motivate, engage, and empower their teams to achieve their goals and drive business success. On-Boarding Program An effective and comprehensive program that provides new hires with the skills, knowledge, and support they need to succeed in their roles. Our commitment to our new employees goes beyond their first day as we provide ongoing training, support, and mentorship to ensure their professional growth and development. On-Demand Training We encourage our employees to seek opportunities to learn and develop their skills and knowledge and challenge themselves to achieve their professional goals by offering a variety of personal, technical and professional training. Digital Learning We partnered with LinkedIn to allow all our employees, including trainees and contractors, to continue to learn and create customized learning paths based on roles and positions.

Partner Institutions:



At Bupa Arabia, we are committed to promoting the health and well-being of our employees. We continue to invest in their well-being and ensure they have the support and resources they need to thrive at work and in their personal lives.

We developed a framework that will act as a guided principle to deliver various initiatives that will focus on the overall spectrum of our employee’s wellbeing under as shown below: Our corporate wellbeing program – Smile – was developed to help support our four strategic objectives. The program focuses on improving the overall wellbeing of employees through information and education as well as by providing tools & services needed to make healthy decisions. It is based on the below three pillars:

  • Performance Energy- New program created and introduced looking at the emotional side of our people and supporting to create a balanced lifestyle for them.
  • Preventative Care- Healthcare related program tackling preventative care from a medical/chronic perspective.
  • Go Healthy Body - A physical and healthcare program promoting taking care of our health and keep moving/working out.


Community Development

Free Health Insurance Program
Our Flagship CSR program has started in 2011. Where we collaborated with the Ministry of Human Resources & Social Development to grant free health insurance coverage to orphans in Saudi Arabia living in foster homes and charities, managed by the Ministry. Since then, the number of orphans has been changing to reach 2,115+ orphans. We strive to ensure that our special members receive VIP treatment and exceptional approvals, as well as annual coaching session on Tebtom services and annual medical check-ups at their homes with an upper limit of 500K. Bupa Arabia has had an incredible year of CSR achievements, with a focus on promoting health and wellness, supporting the community, and celebrating our people. In 2022, we continued our commitment to making a positive impact through various initiatives.

Our Free Health Insurance Program up to date:

We also hosted a Disability Day Activation, where we invited people with disabilities to showcase their handmade goodies in a bazaar. This event was a huge success and was well received by our employees, who enjoyed interacting with the vendors and supporting their cause.

As part of our Ramadan CSR Campaign with the MHRSD, we purchased and delivered 2500 Eid gifts to orphans across various locations. Our goal was to spread joy and happiness among children, and we accomplished just that with the help of our partners. Lastly, we celebrated Saudi Arabia's National Day by highlighting and supporting our employees who showcase their hidden talents through selling their goods from home. This was our way of showing appreciation and support for the productive people of Saudi Arabia. At Bupa Arabia, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the community and promoting health and wellness. We will continue to support these initiatives and inspire others to make a difference as well.


Nurturing Talents +

We recognize that attracting and cultivating top talent is essential for any organization's development and success. With this in mind, we partner with 10 universities, and designed a program that allows the best students to gain work experience while enhancing their academic knowledge and practical skills.

READ MORE (Under each icon of benefit) Additional Allowance: As a token of appreciation for joining, we offer a substantial amount to support the participant during the training Priority for Hiring: Participants who successfully complete the program will be given hiring priority based on the availability of relevant roles, skills, and business requirements. Training Session of Your Choice: At Bupa, we recognize that everyone has unique learning needs. Participants will have the liberty to tailor their training based on their specific objectives. Free LinkedIn Learning Access: Access to a vast selection of online courses covering a variety of subjects, including management, marketing, and design, among others. Sessions From Bupa Leaders: You will have the opportunity to engage with Bupa's leaders and experts. This provides you with a unique perspective on the business and the opportunity to learn directly from the finest. Live My Job Day: Acquiring practical experience by shadowing someone in their role. They will have the opportunity to collaborate with professionals and gain insight into the day-to-day operations of Bupa while establishing valuable connections. Bupa Challenge: Collaborate on a real-world business challenge in this team-based endeavor. Here, they will implement the knowledge and skills you've gained throughout the program, while honing your project management, teamwork, and communication skills.

Partner Universities