Bupa Family puts your family’s health needs first. Designed to offer a wide selection of coverage plans, our all-new health insurance product for Saudi families ranges from premium coverage with differentiated services, to wide hospital access at reasonable prices. Enjoy peace of mind today and select the plan that is right for you and your family.
A quick look at the benefits:
  • A variety of health insurance plans.
  • Access to the best hospitals and clinics across the kingdom.
  • Specialized care inside and outside hospitals with our Tebtom and Rahatkom programs.
Who can get Bupa Family?

The head of a household can apply for Bupa Ae’elat for all family members in the same Family Card. All members in the Card must be covered.

The conditions in which members could be excluded from the family coverage are if a family member:

  • Has an active insurance policy with Bupa or any other company.
  • Is living abroad.
  • Is married or a male dependent above the age of 25.

You might ask

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Health insurance is one thing, Tebtom healthcare services from Bupa Arabia are another

The Tebtom program from Bupa Arabia is a set of healthcare services that go beyond medical insurance coverage, to provide you and your family with holistic healthcare. We offer various services, each designed to support a specific healthcare need.  Find the Tebtom service for you..

Surrounding you with care.

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The Rahatkom Program is designed to make your hospital experiences easier and less stressful through supporting you when and where it matters, focusing on on-site case management, quick coverage responsiveness and post-admission services.

  • Your hospital waiting time can be reduced by 50%
  • Far from being just an insurance office, you will find Bupa Arabia delegates across various locations and specialities within hospitals
  • We even have mobile Bupa Arabia delegates to help you where it matters the most
  • We position experienced Bupa doctors across top hospitals to represent you with the hospital physicians
  • You can locate Rahatkom offices Here