Business Resilience & Emergency Preparedness

We take business resilience seriously. We recognize that having a plan is essential to assuring that we can effectively respond to any unexpected situation.

We adhere to the required SAMA Cybersecurity Framework V 1.0, dated May 2017, LEVEL 3 MATURITY and SAMA Business Continuity Management Framework V 1.0, dated Feb 2017.It is crucial to have a resilient and robust cybersecurity framework in place to safeguard our assets and data from potential threats and to ensure continuity of business operations. Our commitment to maintaining a safe and secure environment is reflected in our annual Threat Risk Assessment (TRA), which assesses the risks and threats, including Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) related risks. The Crisis Management Plan (CMP), including an effective communication plan, is aligned with ISO 22301 and SAMA business continuity management. This plan enables us to respond quickly and effectively, ensuring minimal impact on our customers and stakeholders. All our BCM (Business Continuity Management) champions participated in a tabletop scenario exercise on a yearly basis. This has assisted us in identifying potential gaps in our business continuity plan and working to effectively resolve them. We developed, reviewed, and approved BCPs for all critical departments to assure business continuity in the event of a disruption.





We are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity in acting ethically and transparently with all our stakeholders to receive the best possible care and service. Our approach to business ethics is grounded in our values of integrity, collaboration, and customer centricity. Doing what suits our customers and stakeholders is fundamental to our success, and we strive to build trust through ethical behavior in all our interactions.

The Bupa Arabia Code

Living our values every day. We help people live longer, healthier, happier lives and make a better world. The Bupa Arabia Code sets out what we expect from our people to achieve this. Put simply, it's about living our values every day. It means caring for our customers over the long term, building trust and strong relationships with our communities - and protecting our colleagues, partners, and Bupa Arabia's reputation. The Code covers the following areas and alongside our values, is a key contributor to Bupa Arabia’s company culture. Safeguarding Bupa Arabia’s assets:

  • we work to high professional standards
  • we declare conflicts
  • we represent Bupa Arabia
  • we prohibit insider trading and stock tipping
  • we manage risk
  • we protect our intellectual property


Thriving through regulatory excellence:

  • we play by the rules


Adhering to competition laws:

  • we respect competition laws
  • we speak up


Acting ethically and transparently with all our stakeholders:

  • we put our customers first
  • we act ethically
  • we keep information safe
  • we fight money laundering and terrorism financing
  • we know our suppliers


Preserving our community and our environment:

  • we celebrate diversity
  • we stay safe and well
  • we are prepared for anything
  • we take care of our planet


Anti-Money Laundering As a company regulated by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA), We at Bupa Arabia are committed to participating in the local and international efforts to combat money laundering and terrorist financing, to safeguard our business, clients, and the financial system. Our AML/CTF policies, procedures, and documentary requirements, at a minimum, cover the identification and verification of the identity of our clients, where applicable their beneficial owners and controlling parties, source of wealth and source of funds, appropriate subsequent on-going due diligence, sanctions screening and screening against international lists of terrorists, AML training to our staff and Board of Directors, reporting on suspicious activity to the relevant authorities. Our AML/CTF program includes:

  • Written policies, procedures and controls reasonably designed to ensure that it does not establish or maintain relationships with Shell banks/entities.
  • A know your customer program reasonably designed to identify, verify, and update the identity of its customers, including where applicable, their respective beneficial owners.
  • Enhanced due diligence for high-risk clients, politically exposed persons, and situations of increased risks.
  • Establishing an effective and efficient internal communication process for reporting suspicious or unusual customer activity.
  • Using risk-based approach and all reasonable steps to verify AML/CTF risk and risk classification within the company. A risk-based, customer due diligence procedure for identification and verification of all clients, investors, and their ultimate beneficial owners.
  • Retain records of identification, transactions, training, compliance monitoring, and suspicious transaction reports.
  • On-going monitoring which should be compatible with the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing formed by the client or business relationship.
  • Implementation of an adequate AML/CTF training program for employees on the requirements of AML/CTF policy, rules and regulations.
  • Ensure that all relationships, individual or corporate customers and beneficial owners are regularly screened against relevant international and local sanction lists.
  • System and processes designed to detect and report suspicious activity to the relevant regulatory authorities.


Speak Up Bupa Arabia is committed to conducting its business responsibly and with honesty and integrity. However, all businesses face the risk of something going wrong or people behaving in ways that are not appropriate or acceptable. That is why a culture of openness and accountability is so important. The purpose of Speak UP is to ensure there is a secure channel for people working at Bupa Arabia or anyone who has an interest in Bupa Arabia as shareholders, creditors, customers, suppliers, and any external party to raise genuine concerns about breaches or violations of Bupa Arabia Code of Conduct, policies and guidelines, which include fraud, corruption, conflict of interest, wrongful conduct, unethical practices. Knowing that the matter will be addressed firmly, appropriate action will be taken, and without any fear of retaliation. To report a violation, please click this link