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Bupa Arabia wins 7th place in the Kingdom’s ‘Great Place to Work Award 2016’

thamerBupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance, the largest healthcare provider in the Kingdom, was ranked as the overall seventh best place to work in Saudi Arabia. Previously, in 2014 and 2015, Bupa Arabia was ranked tenth. Chief Human Resources Officer, Thamer Al-Harthi, said: “We are extremely pleased and honored to be ranked as the seventh best place to work at, in Saudi Arabia. “This award serves as validation for what we do for our family of team members and encourages us to continue working diligently to achieve more in the human resources department to ensure that each member of our team has a bright and promising future in the healthcare sector.” The Kingdom’s largest health insurance and care company, that holds a market share of over 40 percent, believes that in order to provide its clients with the best quality of service, its team members must be given every opportunity to flourish and make the most of their days, whether they are at Bupa Arabia’s headquarters, or on-site at the Kingdom’s leading hospitals serving Bupa Arabia’s members. “We at Bupa Arabia are known for the best practices and standards of excellence we employ in the work environment, providing employees with the opportunity to be both comfortable and proficient at their jobs,” Al-Harthi said. “Our team members enjoy a stimulating work environment that encourages creativity, and innovation at work and has resulted in higher production without compromising on quality.” In line with the Saudi Arabia 2030 Vision, to provide job security and stability for Saudi nationals and increase their numbers in the workplace, Bupa Arabia has exceeded ‘Saudization’ requirements set by the Ministry of Labor, with 65 percent of its workforce being Saudi nationals. 

Bupa Arabia ‘s Human Resources department also pays special attention to recruiting Saudi women into its workforce and helping them develop their skills to enable them to become successful in the health insurance sector. 

“Today, women represent 35 percent of Bupa Arabia’s workforce (more than 600 women), who are employed in various divisions and departments,” Al-Harthi said. “Some are at high corporate levels leading teams of young and talented men and women from the Kingdom and from other countries.” 

Bupa Arabia has also adopted an open-door policy, and promotes communication and transparency between employees by implementing various policies and regulations that lead to increased confidence to actively participate in bringing about improved methods and products. 

In addition, a number of training opportunities are made available throughout the year. These programs include the Leadership Development Program which is designed to attract young Saudis; the employment of individuals with disabilities in cooperation with the Qaderoon Business Disability Network which has resulted in a 250 percent growth increase in their hiring; and for home-based women, facilities to work from home. 

“We are currently ranked seventh, and God-willing, as we rose from tenth, we will continue to rise to number one, by taking care of our people’s needs along the way, because happy employees make customers happy,” Al-Harthi concluded.


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