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Bupa Arabia takes the lead for a second year in a row in the insurance sector in the Kingdom

Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance, the largest health insurance provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, recorded a new high in its market share in the health insurance market with a 38.6% share for the year 2015, leaping ahead of competition. This has allowed Bupa Arabia to lead the health insurance sector in the Kingdom for a second year in a row.

This market study has been published in “Al Bilad Capital” for the year 2015, a report prepared by Al Bilad Bank. The numbers on the report emphasized the strong growth of the insurance market in the Kingdom, which is considered one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the region. The size of the insurance market in the Kingdom has increased 19% in comparison to the year 2014 so that the total written premiums in all insurance branches in the Kingdom reached 29.8 Billion SAR in 2015 compared to 25.6 Billion SAR in 2014.

Tal Nazer, CEO of Bupa Arabia stated that, “The increase in the market share of Bupa Arabia by around 136 points is an increase from 36.4% to 38.6%, which ensures the leading position of the company in the health insurance sector. It also shows its special position in the insurance market by giving high quality integrated solutions with health insurance services that equally serves companies and customers and therefore meeting and exceeding expectations.”

“The success and accomplishments that have been achieved by Bupa Arabia are a cultivation of the invested efforts in creating the highest quality products and services, guaranteeing optimum healthcare coverage for the community as a whole. Bupa Arabia focuses on covering the needs of the whole community and works on constantly creating and developing innovative programs that are carefully and professionally picked to serve individuals, families and companies across the nation.”

“Bupa Arabia has been working hard towards its commitment of growth and development with a clear and steady vision. This hard work resulted in caring for over 3 million members in the Kingdom, which is considered a key accomplishment. It pushes further in motivation Bupa Arabia employees to work harder, serving more members to aid them in living happier and healthier lives,” concluded Tal.

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