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Bupa Arabia Launches “Tebtom” for healthcare advice

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 25th October, 2015 

Bupa Arabia, the number one insurance provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, launched today for the first time in the Kingdom, “Tebtom”, going in line with their needs and requirements of the market, realizing the aspirations of members to receive the finest health insurance services to serve all Bupa Arabia members around Saudi Arabia. Part of the program is to provide advice and guidance on various health conditions or queries free of charge. Bupa Arabia has placed over 160 doctors to support the program, affirming the leading role Bupa Arabia takes in order to provide a niche and exclusive innovations in the world of healthcare and wellbeing.

Mr. Arif Hunashi, Chief Operating Officer at Bupa Arabia stated: “We, at Bupa, always strive to provide the best healthcare for you and your family and do not limit ourselves to merely providing the best high-quality health insurance services, but we go beyond - seeking to provide you with holistic healthcare in your daily lives.” 

Any member can benefit from “Tebtom” program by calling the toll-free number 800 440 4040 and Bupa Arabia doctors will be glad to assist in inquiries and provide “Tebtom” program services ranging from: Bupa Doctor, International Second Medical Opinion, Maternity Care, Childcare, Chronic disease care, Elderly care and Cancer care. 

“That is why we created “Tebtom” program, a set of unprecedented and unique healthcare services; to help you and your family get the most out of your social and professional lives. Upon joining our community through any of our healthcare programs, you will be automatically eligible for “Tebtom” program services, and without any additional fees. Tebtom will be your health companion wherever you are,” concluded Mr. Arif.



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