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Bupa Arabia Launched 10K Run

Bupa Arabia, the largest and leading healthcare insurance company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, launched a 10KM Run in collaboration with Jeddah Marathon Club to promote healthy living amongst its employees and community.

Bupa Arabia employees took part in the run, which were divided into teams of five who were competing over four weeks to surpass the longest distance. The winning teams will be rewarded with valuable prizes in line with their efforts of promoting healthier living in line with the company’s values of constantly providing engaging activities for its employees to enjoy a healthier and happier work environment.

The run was programed internally by Bupa Arabia team in line with the company’s value of providing a healthier work environment, encouraging employees to care for their health and constantly engage in different forms of exercise to build a sound and healthy body. 

The final run witnessed great teamwork amongst the participating members who expressed their gratitude of this important event in creating an atmosphere of sportsmanship and teamwork amongst employees and under the emphasis of “I’m healthier because of Bupa.” 

Tal Nazer, CEO of Bupa Arabia, relayed his congratulations for the winning team and expressed his gratitude for organization of this run as part of overall constant internal programs, such as the “smoking cessation program”, reaffirming Bupa Arabia’s role in promoting healthy working environment, which is one of the main reasons on why people love working at Bupa Arabia. 

Eman Serafi, Internal Programs Manager at Bupa Arabia, expressed that the 10K Run comes as an on-going long term commitment to specialised activities put in place by Bupa Arabia to provide the optimum healthy work environment for the employees, explaining that, “the program provided detailed training plans before and after the run, in addition to a special nutrition program recommended by participants to follow, being able to follow through the program and continue afterwards to safeguard a health life.”


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