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Bupa Arabia achieves a high Saudization Rate

Bupa Arabia for cooperative insurance procured a high Saudization rate for both male & female employees. This current development is in line with the Kingdom’s efforts in increasing Saudi employment in the country. The efforts are also parallel to the 2030 vision that has been set to increase national productivity & hasten the development of the economy creating new job opportunities for Saudi citizens.

Bupa Arabia expressed its keen interest in luring young Saudi men and women to join the various departments & job openings in the company and to provide the best working environment for its employees. They also constantly look forward to the rehabilitation of employees while developing their professional skills to help them continue in their career advancement.

Tariq Al Amoudi, Chief Human Resources Officer at Bupa Arabia, stated that: “We offer many specialized scientific courses and intensive training programs that qualifies our employees. We also provide them with the best knowledge and experience that helps them deliver the best service for our customers. We at Bupa Arabia constantly support the recruitment of Saudi men & women and attracting the most qualified national cadres. Our Saudization rate has gone up to 60% of employees who work in an ideal and stimulating work environment that allows them to practice their work with the utmost comfort and proficiency.”

Bupa Arabia seeks to keep pace with the 2030 Vision and the National Transformation Program 2020 to support the strategic orientations of our government towards localizing jobs and attracting the interest of citizens to join companies in the private sector. This is in light of the country's innovative development initiatives.

The Saudi government in hand with the private sector have launched ambitious programs and targeted initiatives to attract Saudi youth, employ new graduates and people with disabilities. These programs include Qaderoon & Dulani Business Development Centre. The Saudi government has also taken many steps to encourage the employment of Saudi women such as creating a comfortable working environment, providing transportation, allocating flexible working hours and increasing the number of days of maternity leaves.


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