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The story of saving a new born life

How wonderful is it to have the chance to save someone’s life? How about saving a newborn’s life from a fatal situation? 

Here’s the story…….

Bupa Arabia accomplished a great job by providing the opportunity to save the life of, Ibrahim Ismail, a newborn baby boy.
At 7 pm, Ibrahim was in an emergency situation, his mother was collapsing & the father was unreachable. So he was transported to a hospital in Mecca, Ibrahim was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease, therefore, it was required to transfer him to a higher service hospital.

Dr. Hisham Amin, Hospital Audit Doctor Manager at Bupa Arabia, quotes: “My team and I have been working on this case since four o'clock pm, we tried to contact everyone who is concerned, but in vain, and we also tried to access general administration and did not succeed as the next day was Friday, and we didn’t want to lose the baby just because it is on a holiday. Several hospitals refused to receive them because of the necessity pay-provider process which was not available at the time and in need of arrangement”.

And since this surgery is only available in the hospital of King Abdul Aziz University In Jeddah, we informed them about the acceptance of receiving the transfer.  We intensified our efforts, and received a call from Professor Othman Radi, the specialist in these cases at the Hospital, and he told me that he will try to help the possibility of support, but the baby needs an ultrasound examination done at the Hospital in Mecca.  Dr. Lotfi contacted the Medical Director of the hospital and discovered that they do not have that device, and they did not do any action for the baby. 

The surgeon was informed, and said he will not accept the case because the ultrasound examination is necessary to study the situation and that it will be done in the next day. At eight pm, I received a call from the consultant surgeon that there is a heart disease consultant in Mecca now and he can make screening ultrasound instead of ECHO. Then at ten pm, Dr. Lutfi coordinated with the concerned part to prepare the device for the external doctor to inspect the development of the baby’s heart. At eleven pm, the doctor arrived, and made the examination and prepared a report about the situation and sent it to Dr. Othman Radi, and thankfully, everything has been successfully done, and we felt the joy for the survived baby.  His condition now is stable and good.


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