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‘Doctor on Phone’, your lifeline to a lifetime of care

tebtomBupa Arabia, the largest specialized healthcare company in the Kingdom, has set out to benefit the community by opening its over-the-phone medical advice service, at no cost.

An integral part of the Tebtom program is the ‘Doctor on Phone’ service, providing health advice and answers any medical questions to both Bupa Arabia members and non-members. This service is available 24/7 and easily accessible by simply calling Tebtom’s toll-free number (800-440-4040) or through web chat (www.bupa.com.sa)

Through the ‘Doctor on Phone’ service, the caller can receive information about Tebtom’s unique and comprehensive healthcare services that include: ‘Maternity and Child Care’, ‘Chronic Care’, ‘International Second Medical Opinion’, ‘Elderly Care’, and ‘Cancer Care’.

“Tebtom was developed and enhanced after prolonged research by our team,” said Ghaith Aljohani, Head of Segments Development at Bupa Arabia. “We believe that providing health insurance is not enough, which is why we worked hard to create the Tebtom program.”

Bupa Arabia has always strived to provide the best holistic healthcare for the community, while also providing the best high quality health insurance services. 

Upon joining the Bupa Arabia community through any of the offered healthcare programs, members are automatically eligible for the Tebtom services without any additional fees.

With the ‘Maternity and Child Care’ service, mothers who have questions related to their maternity journey and find it difficult to check with a hospital for reassurance can get the answers they need from Tebtom. The service provides mothers with coaching, and continuous guidance from conception to the first two years of their child’s life, ensuring that both mother and child have a healthy and happy experience, while at the same time, guaranteeing the mother’s privacy by being serviced by female doctors only. 

Nutritional support is also available around the clock to provide the best diet for pregnant mothers and for their children, as well as vaccinations support.

Chronic conditions require continuous care and follow-up, which may burden the patient significantly. To help ease the inconvenience of repeated hospital visits for checkups, medication refills and periodic tests, Bupa Arabia created the 'Chronic Care' service which will help members manage their chronic case and mitigate its risks through personalized health solutions. 

The benefits of this service include guidance on methods of coping with the condition, its treatment, and nutritional support tailor-made diet plan for the member depending on his or her case. 

Refilling chronic medications has also become easy and convenient, through the vast network of pharmacies across the Kingdom including Al-Nahdi, Al Mujtama’a and Al Dawaa pharmacies.

Of utmost convenience for Bupa Arabia members who are living with a chronic condition, is the ‘Chronic Care Monitoring’ service, where a lab technician visits members at home or at work to carry out routine blood tests and medical check-ups, results will then be sent to the member within 24h via Email.

The International Second Medical Opinion service is another service that supports members with complex medical cases. The program allows them to procure a second medical opinion from international doctors at the world’s leading hospitals such as Royal Marsden Hospital in the UK, the Mayo Clinic in America, and University Hospital Muenster in Germany. This service ensures peace of mind in knowing that the treatment recommended for them, is indeed the best, and is agreed upon by doctors at some of the world’s top medical institutions.

Supporting and caring for cancer patients is of the utmost importance to Bupa Arabia. That’s why the ‘Cancer Care’ service was created. Bupa Arabia aims to improve patient confidence, by empowering them and their family, to cope with the challenges they may face by doing everything from providing advice with respect to treatment, it’s impact and side effects, guidance on how to deal with additional complications the patient may experience such as chronic conditions, and guidance on how to deal with the cancer patient.


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