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Bupa Arabia launches unique Telemedicine program

Bupa Arabia for cooperative health insurance, the largest specialized healthcare company in the Kingdom, has introduced a first of its kind service that brings the medical expertise of some of America’s best doctors right to its members here in Saudi Arabia. 

Telemedicine is Bupa Arabia’s new service to its members to consult with US Board Certified medical experts with expansive experience from some of the United States’ most prestigious specialized hospitals and health institutions; such as the Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins Medicine and Harvard University. 

Bupa Arabia doctors evaluate each case that requires this type of consultation with their counterparts in the US. Patients are then contacted to confirm an appointment with the doctor for a consultation within 48 hours. Bupa members can communicate with doctors in the US from the comfort of their own homes using the CareClix app, by video chat or by telephone, depending on the member’s need. This results in the most comprehensive evaluation possible. 

“The Telemedicine service allows our members to receive an initial and second opinion when dealing with complex cases that require professional and experienced consultation across more than 16 different fields of medical practice.” According to Tal Nazer CEO of Bupa Arabia. 

Should the member require further tests, Bupa Arabia’s Tebtom team will visit at the time and place most convenient and will dispatch the results to the medical professional that was consulted by the medical expert.” Tal Nazer concluded. 

Bupa Arabia focuses all its efforts in elevating its insurance services in the Kingdom by launching new and creative programs and products that touch the needs of its members. The company has recently launched several unique programs including the distinguished “Tebtom” program, which is considered the first of its kind providing health consultations for various cases to Bupa Arabia’s 2.4 million members. The program replies to their questions free of charge by utilizing 160 doctors for this program. Another unique program that was launched was the International Health Program (IHP) that caters for the healthcare and insurance needs of its members in over 190 countries around the world under one insurance package.

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