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Bupa Arabia launches its new point of care system to ensure customer satisfaction

Jeddah, 19th of March 2017: Bupa Arabia for cooperative insurance launched for the first time in the Kingdom its new Point of Care system at various hospitals and clinics. The new system ensures members receive the best health insurance services while providing a unique experience through the bridging of contentious communication.

Mohamed El Missaoui, Director of Operations at Bupa Arabia, stated that: “The launch of Bupa Arabia’s POC system in various hospitals and clinics in the Kingdom is considered a leap in the customer servicing field. We have created this new system after going through in-depth research to ensure the satisfaction of customers and facilitating the process, while sustaining international standards. The points work in a way that guarantees a seamless and integrated process from the premier point where the member enters the hospital and until the member gets the treatment required. The process also safeguards a transparent relationship where customers can provide their comments, assisting in the continuous improvement of all services provided by Bupa Arabia.”

“The all new point of care system allows for an easier contact with Bupa Arabia’s headquarters, guaranteeing quick responses to member question and required approvals. It also ensures continuous communication between healthcare providers and Bupa Arabia, while building prosperous relationships with Bupa Arabia members” El Missaoui concluded.

Bupa Arabia has successfully launched 12 point of care locations in hospitals in the Central, Western and Eastern regions of the Kingdom. It still plans to cover more locations through steady steps while maintaining prosperous relationships with healthcare providers. These efforts have been put in place to emphasize reducing any hardships that could face members when going for their treatments.


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