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Bupa Arabia Launches exclusive Maternity insurance program

Bupa Arabia launched unique insurance policy, Maternity and Maternity Plus, making it the first health insurance provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to offer such dedicated healthcare to pregnant women, in line with the company’s continued dedicated to provide the most innovative in healthcare for its members and provide a healthier life for the female community. The only difference between Maternity and Maternity Plus, is that the latter even covers previous cases and chronic diseases during and post pregnancy.

Eng. Alshereef Hamideddin, Director of Individual & Family Sales at Bupa Arabia stated that, “The launching of Maternity and Maternity Plus first-ever programs in Saudi Arabia comes in line with our efforts to provide the most pioneering health insurance coverage across all segments, ensuring that we are close to all our female members and community, presenting different state of the art schemes that are especially designed to meet every need in that segment and be near them to fulfill our promise of being with them for better health, especially that recent statistics show that over 150,000 women pay in cash at private hospitals in KSA per year to give birth.”

Walaa Nahas, Individual and Family Business Development Senior Manager at Bupa Arabia stated that: “Maternity and Maternity Plus serves pregnant women and helps them to live healthier and happier lives by covering pregnancy and childbirth as soon as the member joins the program without any waiting time, in addition to covering in and out patients, surgeries, medical consultation, medications, chemotherapy and radiology, laboratory tests, radiography and vaccinations alongside many other benefits also under three categories: Gold, Silver and Bronze.”

It’s worth noting that Bupa Arabia has also recently launched the Individual Healthcare program for single Saudi’s of both genders, catering to a vast number of women who are unmarried, divorced or widowed, to be near them for better health.


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