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Bupa Arabia and Al-Mashfa Hospital establish exclusive Five Year partnership

Bupa Arabia, the leading health insurance provider in Saudi Arabia, has signed a five-year agreement with
Al-Mashfa Hospital, which opened recently in Jeddah, allowing Bupa exclusive rights for its elite members to
be treated at the hospital.
The agreement, which was signed by Tal Nazer, CEO of Bupa Arabia, and Dr. Adel Makhdoom, CEO of
Al-Mashfa Hospital, applies to patients under Network seven and above, excluding all other insurance
companies from sending their patients to the hospital.
Commenting, Tal Nazer said: "This agreement establishes a strategic partnership that is unprecedented in
the health insurance industry in the Kingdom, whereby Bupa will provide a new level of health insurance
services for the elite of our members who choose treatment at this prestigious medical establishment."
Expressing his delight at the collaboration with Bupa Arabia, Dr. Adel Makhdoom, stated that Al-Mashfa
Hospital inaugurates a new era of premium quality health care services in the city of Jeddah, with highly
qualified cadres of senior doctors and experts covering all medical specialties, adding: "To provide the finest
health care services we have equipped our medical laboratories and diagnostic and therapeutic radiology
department with the latest medical devices in various critical and supportive fields. "
Mr. Makhdoom went on to say: "Bupa Arabia is one of the largest cooperative health insurance companies in
the Kingdom and a partnership with such a renowned and respected company significantly contributes to the
achievement of our vision of making Al-Mashfa Hospital a destination point for patients seeking superior care
in the city of Jeddah. We share many insights with Bupa, especially with regard to the lives we care for and
providing our patients with the highest degree of respect and compassion."
Al-Mashfa Hospital is committed to welcoming patients with the utmost care and providing them with the
highest standards of medical services administered by the best Saudi specialists and consultants supported
by a team of fully qualified nurses, in addition to high quality food services.
This new agreement between Bupa Arabia and Al-Mashfa Hospital reflects Bupa's promise to be the
healthcare partner for life and maintains its position at the forefront of the health insurance industry by
developing innovative services and introducing advanced technologies to continuously enhance the customer
experience. In addition, Bupa Arabia puts the expertise of its specialists at the service of the community by
implementing a wide range of social responsibility programs including public seminars on topical health


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