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* Bupa doctors do not provide any medical consultation nor medical prescription

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It is a set of unique healthcare services that transcend regular healthcare coverage; to help you and your family get the most out of your daily lives.

You can benefit from the program by calling our toll-free number at 8004404040, and we will provide you with the most suitable service to cater to your healthcare needs.

Bupa Doctors do not perform any home consultations. However, you can benefit from healthcare services through Tebtom’s ‘Bupa Doctor’ service by calling our toll-free number at 8004404040 or visit member.bupa.com.sa

The Tebtom Program does not offer checkup visits. However, we provide services such as Home-based Labs and medication refill/delivery for members with chronic conditions.

A nurse from a licensed hospital will visit your house at the date/time most convenient to you to give your child his/her due vaccinations at home.

Yes, the vaccines are given according to your child’s age and the MOH vaccination schedule.

No, Tebtom provides this service to members with chronic cases only to help them monitor their condition.

One of Bupa’s providers will call you to revise your medication with you, and then send the approval to the pharmacy closest to you to refill your medication.

Bupa doctors are General Practitioners.

Tebtom cannot help you with this issue. Please call Customer Service at 9 2002 3009 for support.