Investor Relations


Bupa Arabia’s current Board members, for the current Board term, which commenced on 24/04/1438H, corresponding to 22/01/2017G and which will end on 27/10/1440H, corresponding to 30/06/2019G are:

Name Role Type of Member
Loay Nazer Chairman Non-Executive Director (NED)
David Fletcher Vice-Chairman Non-Executive Director (NED)
Abdullah Shayif Independent Non-Executive Director (NED)
Zaid Algwaiz Independent Non-Executive Director (NED)
Dr. Adnan Soufi Independent Non-Executive Director (NED)
Simeon Preston Board Member Non-Executive Director (NED)
Martin Houston Board Member Non-Executive Director (NED)
Tal Nazer Board Member Executive Director (CEO)

Other than international investments through the company’s regular investment activities, Bupa Arabia does not currently possess any major stake in any overseas company. 

Bupa Arabia is considered to be a local Saudi Arabian company listed on the Saudi Arabia Stock Exchange (Tadawul) and it is governed by the local Saudi Arabian jurisdiction and local regulations. 

This regulation specifies the requirements and provisions for conducting insurance activities by insurance companies, insurance brokers and agents over the internet. For more details Click Here.

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