Proud to help our sports partners win through wellness

We are the first company in the region to provide health and fitness services specifically designed for athletes. We’ve partnered up with Al-Hilal and Ittihad, two of Saudi Arabia’s top football clubs, providing players, trainers and staff, as well as their families, with medical care services across the Kingdom, the Gulf and Spain.

In partnership with Sanitas, our Spanish counterpart serving world-renowned football club Real Madrid, we are able to access exceptional global health fitness expertise. This provides our players with top-class Health and Care services to help enhance their performance, endurance and general fitness levels. All this for the love of football – and our leading teams, of course.

Here are some of the healthcare services with which we provide our sports partners:

  • Comprehensive healthcare for players and their families, as well as the management of Al-Hilal and Ittihad football clubs

  • Sports injury and sports rehabilitation medical programmes

  • Full coverage, inside and outside the Kingdom, for consultations and surgical procedures

  • Seasonal tests for players, including physical performance assessments and general medical examinations

  • Enhancing players’ performance with Podoactiva sports shoe linings

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