Let us answer your questions

Here you will find the answers to many of the questions you may have about Bupa Arabia, including information about our comprehensive range of Health and Care products and services.

Bupa Arabia’s independent joint external auditors are currently:

  • Ernst & Young & Company
  • KPMG Al Fozan & Partners

Bupa Arabia’s independent external actuary is currently:

  • Manar Sigma Financial Consulting

Bupa Arabia’s current Board members, for the current Board term, which commenced on 24/04/1438H, corresponding to 22/01/2017G and which will end on 27/10/1440H, corresponding to 30/06/2019G are:

Name Role Type of Member
Loay Nazer Chairman Non-Executive Director (NED)
David Fletcher Vice-Chairman Non-Executive Director (NED)
Abdullah Shayif Independent Non-Executive Director (NED)
Zaid Algwaiz Independent Non-Executive Director (NED)
Dr. Adnan Soufi Independent Non-Executive Director (NED)
Simeon Preston Board Member Non-Executive Director (NED)
Martin Houston Board Member Non-Executive Director (NED)
Tal Nazer Board Member Executive Director (CEO)

Other than international investments through the company’s regular investment activities, Bupa Arabia does not currently possess any major stake in any overseas company. 

Bupa Arabia is considered to be a local Saudi Arabian company listed on the Saudi Arabia Stock Exchange (Tadawul) and it is governed by the local Saudi Arabian jurisdiction and local regulations. 

It is a set of unique healthcare services that transcend regular healthcare coverage; to help you and your family get the most out of your daily lives.

Bupa Doctors do not perform any home consultations. However, you can benefit from healthcare services through Tebtom’s ‘Bupa Doctor’ service by calling our toll-free number at 8004404040 or visit member.bupa.com.sa

The Tebtom Program does not offer checkup visits. However, we provide services such as Home-based Labs and medication refill/delivery for members with chronic conditions.

A nurse from a licensed hospital will visit your house at the date/time most convenient to you to give your child his/her due vaccinations at home.

Yes, the vaccines are given according to your child’s age and the MOH vaccination schedule.