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Bupa Arabia Invests in Productive Families and in the Growth of SMEs

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – November 6th, 2018: Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance launched a CSR initiative to encourage the growth of Saudi productive families in partnership with Nine Tenth (9/10ths), one of HRDF’s Saudi Vision 2030 programs that invests in Saudi productive families and SMEs. Bupa Arabia will be hosting the familys’ products through the “Tojjar Booth” at the company’s head quarter in Jeddah under its devoted efforts to support and help in the development of productive families in Saudi Arabia.

Ali Sheneamer, Chief Business Development Officer at Bupa Arabia said: “We are pleased to be launching this initiative as we welcome more than 30 productive families for a full year and equip them with the right opportunity to provide quality food on bi-weekly basis at the company's main cafeteria. This stresses our keenness to pave way for small and medium-sized enterprises to play a vital role in the development of the national economy in synergy with the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision. The latter aims to entice these businesses to positively contribute to the Saudi GDP and  increase its contribution from 20% to 35% by 2030 as a key pillar of the Kingdom’s economic growth.”

Bupa Arabia aims to participate in various activities that fall in favor of Saudi Arabia’s community. This also confirms the company’s ongoing drive to be a socially responsible entity by actively engaging in several communal junctures as an inherent part of the society.

The company continuously strives to place the right foundations for small and medium-sized enterprises and offer the best healthcare services that are meticulously catered and thoroughly selected to meet the needs of these businesses with advanced and flexible options. Bupa Arabia also launched several programs to enrich entrepreneurship in the Kingdom, namely Bupa Business program that offers health insurance plans created for SME and Khamis Al Amaal, an online platform where a number of local SME success stories are highlighted and addressed to family businesses to motivate the entrepreneurship potential in Saudi youth.


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